Jeff Sessions Loses a Battle at the House

November 15, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has never been a fan of marijuana legalization. We know that. But on Tuesday, Rep. Steve Cohen sought the nature of Sessions’s opposition. Sessions sat before the House Judiciary Committee on […]

Budweiser and Bud…. What a Combination!

November 15, 2017 -Taiah- 0

“This bud’s for you” has taken on a whole new meaning for Chris Burggraeve. The former chief marketing officer for Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the brewer of Budweiser beer, is moving from barley and hops to […]

Amazon Screwup You’d Only Hope For!

October 22, 2017 -Taiah- 0

!How’s this for a story!?! Some Amazon customers in Orlando got a surprise when they opened the package that arrived on their doorstep. They ordered plastic storage bins, but the bins came with 65 pounds […]

Niagara Winery Turned Weed Farm

October 15, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Those gorgeous Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards, the famed Red Paw/Black Paw blocks, of Coyote’s Run in Niagara-on-the-Lake will be no more as of Nov. 29. Tweed Marijuana Inc., a burgeoning medical marijuana greenhouse operation […]

The Run Down on Mexico’s Legalization

September 15, 2017 -Taiah- 0

On June 19th, 2017, Mexico legalized medical marijuana, or more specifically, “pharmacological derivatives of cannabis” to be regulated and studied by the Ministry of Health. But, for now, Mexico’s medical cannabis market will look much […]

Bad News for Legal States Might Be Coming!

September 9, 2017 -Taiah- 0

States that have legalized medical marijuana could soon get an unwanted visit from the DEA. Yesterday, Congress stunned the cannabis industry by rejecting the only legal protection preventing Attorney General Jeff “good people don’t smoke […]

Magical Butter Maker 2! $150

September 2, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Make herbal butter in as little as 2 hours! The Magical Butter machine makes herbal butter, oil, and tinctures. It was designed to precisely extract the nutrients and flavor from your favorite herbs and infuse […]

Cthulhu Mini Tube Vapor Rig $1,850

September 2, 2017 -Taiah- 0

What can be said about this BURTONI – Cthulhu Mini Tube Vapor Rig w/ Fixed 14mm 2-hole Diffy & Dome? I mean besides the obvious “HOLY SHIT!” or “DAMN! THAT PRICE TAG THOUGH!” But you […]