Magical Butter Maker 2! $150

September 2, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Make herbal butter in as little as 2 hours! The Magical Butter machine makes herbal butter, oil, and tinctures. It was designed to precisely extract the nutrients and flavor from your favorite herbs and infuse […]

Cthulhu Mini Tube Vapor Rig $1,850

September 2, 2017 -Taiah- 0

What can be said about this BURTONI – Cthulhu Mini Tube Vapor Rig w/ Fixed 14mm 2-hole Diffy & Dome? I mean besides the obvious “HOLY SHIT!” or “DAMN! THAT PRICE TAG THOUGH!” But you […]

Glass Prescription Stash Jar $14

August 25, 2017 -Taiah- 0

The glass storage jar is great for stashing your favorite herbs. Features a faux prescription design and hinged latching lid. Measures approx.4″ tall and 4.3″ wide. Holds approx. 1 ounce. DO YOU HEAR THAT!? It […]

Ashtray Incense $3

August 18, 2017 -Taiah- 0

This remarkable solution will change the way you think about smoking in your house. Right now you may be sitting at your desk or in your room smoking a joint and unannounced to you the […]

RAW Trident Joint Holder $15

August 18, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Check out the RAW Trident Joint holder! It all started with the Double Barrel. We were smoking on a Double Barrel during the making of the RAW Cypher #3 in the backyard lounge of Ink […]

Cannaboss Costume Suit

August 18, 2017 -Taiah- 0

This weed suit is the shit. You’re sure to be the life of the party in this stylish, high-quality black suit with cannabis print. Perfect as a Halloween costume and other year-round occasions such as […]

Scrubber Ducky $15

August 18, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Super Scrubber Ducky ™ Version 2.0 Our NEW Super Scrubber Duckys are now washable and feature double-strength magnets! Each Ducky can also be cut to size to fit into smaller water pipes. ​For use with […]

Roach Party Board Game $30

August 18, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Roach Party – The Fun Adult Game For Stoners Roach Party is a fun party board game that mimics the lifestyle of an everyday pot smoker. What many may not know is this game has […]

Weed Lava Lamp! $17

August 18, 2017 -Taiah- 0

  Sit back, roll something up, and let this awesome Lava Lamp mesmerize you. Works great for ambient lighting in any room Pot Leaf on the bottle Provides “Electric Green” lighting, perfect for a smoke […]