Roach Party Board Game $30

August 18, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Roach Party – The Fun Adult Game For Stoners Roach Party is a fun party board game that mimics the lifestyle of an everyday pot smoker. What many may not know is this game has […]

Weed Lava Lamp! $17

August 18, 2017 -Taiah- 0

  Sit back, roll something up, and let this awesome Lava Lamp mesmerize you. Works great for ambient lighting in any room Pot Leaf on the bottle Provides “Electric Green” lighting, perfect for a smoke […]

Weed Scented Soy Candle $8

August 8, 2017 -Taiah- 0

This 4 oz. Tin Container soy candle has the actual scent of the smoked Marijuana/Cannabis plant. It is a fun/novelty smell, but you will think someone is smoking the “joint” in your house. The wax […]

Tree Of Life Forest Tapestry $14

August 7, 2017 -Taiah- 0

  MULTIPURPOSE – This Tapestry Can be used as Picnic Blanket, Bed Cover, Beach Towel, Yoga Mat, Table Cloth, Curtain and of course as a Tapestry or a Wall Hanging or Decor or Throw Beach, […]

Machete Spatula $16

August 7, 2017 -Taiah- 0

The pen may well be mightier than the sword, but the machete is no match for the spatula. For arguments sake the two have been combined and the results are utterly glorious. Meet the Machete […]

Crying Unicorn Candle Holder $26

August 7, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Just light the tip of its spiraled horn and the Crying Unicorn Candle bursts into tears, weeping a waxy rainbow of colors. Made from the purest white ceramic, this knowingly kitsch ornament comes with an […]

Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher $13

August 7, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Good dreams are sure to come along if you hang this dream catcher above your bed. In Native American culture, dream catchers are handmade crafts woven with a loose web of yarn and decorated with […]

Rasta Dreamcatcher $14

August 7, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Everyone knows you NEED a dreamcatcher in your bedroom! Check out this Rasta themed Dreamcatcher! It is a major steal at only $14! It has tons of feathers and 5 catching rings to make sure […]

Beeswax Candle with Hemp Wick

August 2, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Elegant beeswax candle with organic hemp wick — the very best and aromatic bespoke handmade beeswax candle in the world, featuring hand-braided organic hemp wick. The hemp wick is from organically grown European hemp. Hand-made […]

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Hemp oil Bath Bomb!!

August 1, 2017 -Taiah- 0

– Smells like cucumber & sweet pea! – Just drop your bomb into a warm bath & soak for at least 20 minutes! – Ingredients: Baking soda, epsom salt, citric acid, kaolin clay, dead sea […]