Cthulhu Mini Tube Vapor Rig $1,850

September 2, 2017 -Taiah- 0

What can be said about this BURTONI – Cthulhu Mini Tube Vapor Rig w/ Fixed 14mm 2-hole Diffy & Dome? I mean besides the obvious “HOLY SHIT!” or “DAMN! THAT PRICE TAG THOUGH!” But you […]

Rasta Bot Dab Rig (Clearance) $300

August 15, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Count on this droid to handle all your concentrates. Kinda looks like R2D2 huh?! This “Rasta Bot” Concentrate Rig with Rasta Color Working is made for waxes and oils. Created by Empire Glassworks, this piece […]

Root Beer Mug Bong $99

August 8, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Enjoy a nice, refreshing rip with the Root Beer Mug Bong. This DankStop water pipe has all the makings of a tasty glass of root beer from top to bottom. The mouthpiece is located in […]

Glass Duck Water Pipe! $28

August 8, 2017 -Taiah- 0

There is not much to say about this duck bong other than, HOLY CRAP IT’S FREAKING ADORABLE!!! Size:19 cm High, 14mm male joint Get it here!

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CannaBake Subscription Box Review

August 7, 2017 -Taiah- 7

CannaBake Subscription Box Review   Hey everyone out in internetland! Today we are reviewing a killer box we were lucky enough to receive! What we have here is CannaBake Box! We have been super excited […]

7″ DNA Helix Twist Recycler $40

August 4, 2017 -Taiah- 0

Beautifully hand crafted DNA helix twist makes this a recycler you will adore for a long time. Watch the water recycle back and fourth. Dish tray to hold your extra content and doubles as a […]