Classic TV Shows for Super High Stoners!

Who doesn’t love to veggie out in front of the TV while getting super baked?! And some of the most epic TV to watch is the older shows! Classic humor without all the drama or CGI effects, who wouldn’t want to watch that? Sometimes the best high laughs are the ones brought on by simple jokes! So here is a list of my personal favorites. I hope you have at least one in this list you love to watch, or one you start watching.

First off of course has to be I Love Lucy!

Lucille Ball is known across the world for being in I Love Lucy & The Lucy Show. Her slapstick humor has delighted millions for over 60 years! She has been quoted saying “She would do anything to make people laugh”. With so many episodes to choose from it’s easy to binge watch! Just turn on Hulu and pick any random episode and get to laughing!

Next up is The Three Stooges

Everyone knows The three Stooges for their antics and ways of getting them into some sticky situations! Always a good watch when stoned because of the silly humor and interaction between them. Another show that has plenty of episodes to watch, so get watching!

Another great TV show is I Dream of Jeannie

You don’t always get what you wish for with this crazy genie! Sometimes you get more than you bargain for! Jeannie is married to an Astronaut, and tends to get him into some tight situations; Because you know, can’t have the government knowing you have an all powerful genie hanging out at your house! Watching this show is a must! Plus you get to imagine what your life would be like with a hot genie hanging out with you.

Of course, no list would be complete without some old school Batman!

Old school Batman, starring the late Adam West, was the epitome of wild catch phrases, insane villains and underlying humor! This Batman never lets you down, always catches the bad guy and has some of the goofiest costumes around! Who doesn’t love that though?! I was a time when the focus wasn’t about the big bangs or graphics weren’t the focal point, but instead the actual story. Anyone whos anyone loves to get a kick out of this awesome show!

And can’t forget about Gilligan’s Island!!!

Eternally trapt on a deserted island, Gilligan loves to cause the islanders to rip their hair out! Every time the professor comes up with a great idea, Gilligan comes in a wrecks ship! Gilligan has his moments though, and you have to realize he’s only trying to help, but his clumsy nature and all around empty headedness usually gets in the way of the crew leaving the island. Although they do go back to the mainland once and every quickly get stranded back on the same island.

Well thats my list and I’m sticking to it! Every one knows these shows but sometimes forget about them when your stoned, but they are the perfect shows to watch with a high mind!

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