Don’t be dumb kids! Things not to do!

Hey all you phat cats out there! Facebook is littered with funny videos of stoners doing funny thing or very stupid things. I’ve decided to compile a collection of some absolute dumb asses that are just plain dumb!  So here is a collection of fails and what-not-to-dos.


First up is a couple of moronic guys who think playing with literal fire is a great idea for a Sunday afternoon! Hint! DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME! OR AT THE OFFICE! OR ANYWHERE!



SERIOUSLY!? Smoking a Carolina Reaper?!?! Not many people can even handle eating the heat this sucker puts off! Why would you think putting it in your lungs would be a good idea?! That water your chugging isn’t going to help, it’s in your lungs now brah!


This guy seems to really want is 15 minutes of fame! If you check out his YouTube channel you will see he loves to experiment with what can be smoked. BTW his videos are more of a what you shouldn’t smoke, not a hey you can smoke this video.


Location, location, location! We all love to try out new places to toke up, but sometimes that can go horribly wrong.  Even if you have made a place your favorite and have smoked there many many times, you can still end up with a tragic outcome. Check out this crushing outcome.


Here are some gratuitous compilation fails!



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