Marijuana Meeting With Sessions!!!

“In this incredibly divisive time, the issues surrounding the legalization of cannabis provide a unique opportunity for policymakers, regulators, and law enforcement officials from all sides to meet and reach a consensus,” the treasurers of California, Illinois, Oregon and Pennsylvania wrote in a letter to Sessions on Thursday.

“These states represent a true cross-section of America,” they wrote. “This is not just a blue state phenomenon, but includes purple and red states in every corner of our country. A majority of Americans now live in states where they have decided to legalize cannabis.”

In January, Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidance that has generally allowed states to implement their own marijuana laws without federal interference.

The state treasurers, who were joined in signing the letter by industry advocacy groups like the California Growers Association and the National Cannabis Industry Association, along with the Maine Credit Union League, are concerned that Sessions’s move harms public safety by discouraging banks from working with marijuana businesses.

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